Back Under Those Lights & In Front of the Camera

After a year in lockdown and a push to stay motivated, enjoying those shining moments in between

Having just passed the year mark of the first Covid lockdown, we sadly find ourselves in not much of a different situation to where we all were this time last year. However, after months of waiting, endless shows being cancelled and not even stepping foot on our stage, a few weeks ago my company and I were finally back where we belonged. What a feeling it was to be under those bright lights once more, doing what we are meant to do after so long.

On stage in my Juliet costume after months of not performing

We were filming our beautiful ‘Romeo & Juliet‘ to be available online for the public over the next month. I was lucky enough to be performing as Juliet once more, almost exactly a year after my debut, just before we all got closed down that first lockdown. And even thought it wasn’t a normal performance, with public or even a full run through, as we had two days to film it, it felt so good to be able to put our art out there once more.

Since the first lockdown, the Landestheater Salzburg has actually been striving to keep its employees working and busy. The ballet department has been working pretty much none stop this whole season, preparing and creating a lot of material; constantly hoping we could be back performing for our public, and more often than not being disappointingly postponed.

We are all crossing our fingers for it to be possible to perform with an audience

It has been at times difficult to keep motivated when our main goal cannot be reached, yet I am so so grateful to be still in the studio and working relatively normally, when not many dancers or even people can say that. Despite being tested on a weekly basis, training and rehearsing in groups, and the wearing of masks outside the studio, we are fortunate enough to be living a pretty normal dance life.

We are using the time to create as much material as possible for our up coming premiere of ‘Anna Karenina‘ from our director Reginaldo Oliveira and I have loved the process of her story. With the expected date to be in May, we are all crossing our fingers for it to be possible to perform with an audience in front of us.

New creation of Anna Karenina

But for now we are all so happy to have had a shining moment back on stage and if you are wanting to have that theatre feeling at home then don’t hesitate to watch. It is free with the promotion code: landestheater, and available until 06.04.21.

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe in these times, and lets all look for that light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is far in the future.

With love,


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