Lets Spread The Joy of Dance a Little Further

I am back and hoping I can raise some money for a dear friend of mine by selling my signed pointe shoes and the story that comes with them

Hello again. How are we all? After not being on social media for a while, due to feeling personally a little strange about posting about my lucky circumstances compared to other people’s difficult situations all around the world at the moment, I have decided to come back for a reason and am hoping you lovely people out there may help me a little.

At home during lockdown trying to stay in shape and motivated but now grateful that was as hard as it got for me

With the world going through what it is at the moment causing many people to loose their loved ones and livelihoods I feel beyond grateful for getting through the crisis pretty much unscathed so far. I am back doing what I love in the studio, and even on stage spreading the joy of dance to a live audience once more. My hope is to now spread that joy a little further and help someone who means a lot to me.

Meeting the lovely Pia for the third time in Bangkok

Her name is Pia. She is a dear friend of mine from Thailand. I have written about her before because dance actually brought us together while I was on tour in Bangkok with the Staatsballett Karlsruhe back in 2013. We met when she was my Masseur in the Thai massage parlour we always went to and even though we could only communicate very simply, she was so sweet and kind it was the beginning of our long distance friendship.

It was sealed when I offered Pia a bouquet of flowers I received from the Princess of Thailand after performing for her as our guest of honour. I wanted to give her a small thank you and seeing as the people of Thailand love their Royal family, I thought she would really appreciate it and could see what an impression she had already left on me..

Performing ‘Sonata’ with Admil Kuyler in Bangkok for the Princess of Thailand the year I met Pia

Two years later I returned to Bangkok for the same dance festival and was eager to try to find this memorable Thai woman in the hope she could remember the little English ballerina she once massaged. Amazingly I found her on my last evening there and it was a wonderful reunion. This time we exchanged names and addresses and once I was home I sent her some gifts and a letter; written in English and badly translated Thai. Some time later she found me on Facebook; we have been in touch ever since.

I have met her once more in Bangkok since then, where she watched me perform and met my husband and I her niece. Every time we have met she has shown me so much unconditional kindness and motherly affection, she has come to mean a lot to me and me to her.

Recently however she is really struggling due to the Corona crisis in Thailand and she has not been able to work for several months. With the city not getting the needed tourists to provide work for the locals she can no longer afford the room she has in the city to be near her job.

Hearing this from her has urged me to do something to help her and her family, and although there are thousands of families in the same situation all over the world, being so connected to her I feel I need to do something for my friend. Dance brought me to Pia and dance brings joy to so many people so I hope it can bring even more than that to someone halfway across the world who’s simple, humble life is being taken away from them.

My first idea is to offer pairs of my old pointe shoes, signed and with a little message and the story that comes with the shoes to anyone who is interested and the donation will to go towards this small cause to help a friend in need. 

So please contact me if you are interested and want to help me help Pia get through this difficult situation she faces. I for one will be so grateful for anything and I know she will be even more so. You can either write to me through here, or my Facebook or Instagram accounts. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance.

With love,


3 thoughts on “Lets Spread The Joy of Dance a Little Further

  1. Hello, it honours you that you are trying to help a friend. Stefanie are already Helling a friend and His night Club, but we wish you lots of success.
    I actually got a present like that dir Stefanie w while Back, because she loves the Ballet so much. I asked Marin, you might know her- she studies in Mannheim- i have taken Photos of her which you can see on my Instagram Account. 🙂She send ne used Pointe shoes of hers which she used in Stage, personally signed to Stefanie. I build a Show Case Out of plexi Glas and Wood. 😊
    I have a Suggestion for you, If you have not already tried it, where you might be able to make quite a bit of Money😂 might not be Something your compfortable with, but Money ist Money. And it is absolutely not my Thing🙂
    There are alot of foot and shoe fetishists out there. Especially foot fetishists. I bet you can make good Money If y ou go to one of their Forums and auction off a pair of your shoes, along with a Photo of your feet. Tell them a little about youreself and about your friend. Something to think about🙂
    Take Care

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  2. Hello, here are are few photos of Marins pointe shoes and the case I made for them:-)



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  3. Elza is passionate about dancing. She started at Joy of Dance as a student and has since become an integral part of the Joy of Dance family on the administrative side of things. Elza not only works reception but also is an important part of ensuring registrations are up to date. With her eye for detail, Elza has proven invaluable in her assistance on the marketing side as well.


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