Crossing the Border to Basics

What’s it like to be back in the studio & what I plan to do with my time back at work

Now that my time of home quarantine is pretty much over with Germany and Austria coming back to life after almost two months in shut down, I have a similar feeling to when I go back to work after our long summer holidays. Having gotten quite used to the way of life we were all forced into I am now feeling like I am once again treading on familiar ground but a little apprehensive to do so.

My quarantine studio during the lockdown

My first journey back to Salzburg was a strange one, riding an empty train carrying a ‘border commuter’ document and wearing a mask, something I never imagined I would be explaining to people. But I got across successfully and made my way to the disinfected studios to begin a ballet class of four dancers, all practising their spacial awareness and finding their own feet after taking class in their living rooms for the past few weeks.

Crossing the border from Germany to Austria

It was a great feeling to be back in a spacious studio; gripping a sturdy barre and not having a lamp hanging over my head, however, it is for me always a bit of an unsteady moment when I am first back in a studio after a long time. The feeling of my body is always a little different, and even though I did class every day during quarantine, it’s as though my limbs are longer or my centre is confused, my hips alignment different, my fingers out of place, and the whole control of my body changed.

❝It is a chance for me to gain control of it all again❞

Even though it sounds it, all this discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing and I actually find a way appreciate it. It is a chance for me to gain control of it all again. When we are training at full power our bodies tend to create bad habits, getting tight and sore, and we adjust for the the physically demanding moments we need our bodies to get through. But once we have given them a chance to relax and recover a little we can build on the basics once more. Go back to working as correctly as we can, feeling the placement we know is correct but easily lost. 

Having kept in shape but given my body a rest, I feel strong enough and motivated enough to work on the fundamentals and find new ways to improve and develop my technique. The lockdown was also a great way for dancers to learn from other dancers they never would have the opportunity to if were not for this peculiar situation. The dance community came out strong and offered amazing support to other artists by sharing their knowledge and advice to anyone and everyone.

Loved my chance to teach various dancers & schools from home

It is not long till we will have our actual summer holidays giving us just under a month to get back to normal and work on things for the new season. With no performances aloud till September, we will be creating a lot and I hope to use this time to take care of my body and work on my weaknesses, always starting from the groundwork. Making this time another moment to learn and improve on myself and my passion.

I hope you are all feeling this positive to cross the border to the life we know, aiming to go back to the basics and build up from there.

With love,






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