The End of My Karlsruhe Era

A week to go of the season here in Karlsruhe and I want to look back all I have gone through here and share with you all what is to come

As the end of our ballet season in Karlsruhe is approaching fast, the time for big changes is also on the horizon, and with this post, I want to share with you the next step I am planning to take in my career and personal life.

On stage performing as Anastasia in ‘Sleeping Beauty – The Last Daughter of the Czar’
a ballet by Youri Vámos

This season will actually be my last with the Staatsballett Karlsruhe and I will be eagerly joining the Salzburg Landestheater Ballet Ensemble at the beginning of August. A company I have had my eye on for a while and a place I hope will bring many different and exciting opportunities my way.

❝Karlsruhe Ballet has been my home for nine seasons, giving me more than I ever thought I would have❞

With such a change coming I am both excited and apprehensive for what is to come and at the same time very sad and nostalgic about having to say goodbye to a place I have been for my whole career so far. Karlsruhe Ballet has been my home for nine seasons, giving me more than I ever thought I would have. I have grown from an inexperienced school girl with no confidence into a woman with numerous ballets under her belt – something I never thought I would be able to say, and a life I am so lucky to have.

Performing during my very first season here in Karlsruhe

Within the nine years, the opportunities to develop my artistry, technique, stamina, capability and love for dance have been endless. Each season learning how to be a better dancer and person, handling situations I have found difficult in the past with more ease as I got older. The stage has become a place I can relax into, rather than a hole that swallows me up, even in roles that felt larger than life at times. And despite the difficult times that come with every job, I can honestly say I have loved my time being a part of this company and I will be forever grateful for the years I have had here.

Not only have I danced amazing roles but I take with me amazing moments with amazing people – days filled with not only hard work and dedication but love and laughter. I have learned from and worked alongside so many brilliant people. I have formed life long friendships with people I will miss very much and will strive to keep in my life, even from a distance, for it has been these people who have filled my days with sunshine and pulled me through the moments I couldn’t have done alone. They have been true friends.

With my better half after my final premiere in Karlsruhe

I was even lucky enough to meet my husband and create a life with him here – me introducing him to the world of dance and him opening my eyes to the real one. Karlsruhe was the place we first met and have made our first home. We will miss our life here very much but this change is a huge step for us and we are hoping to have more time together and move on in so many ways. I just can’t wait.

Now, not only is life changing for me but actually for the whole Staatsballett Karlsruhe. The theatre will be introducing a new ballet director next season, along with her new repertoire and dancers filling the stage for the foreseeable future. Therefore it will be a very exciting time for Karlsruhe and its ballet goers.

With this change happening in the theatre it gave me the perfect opportunity to test the waters and spread my wings to try somewhere new. The company as I know it will not be here anymore, so I won’t be able to miss it in a way. I do hope Ballet Karlsruhe has a bright future ahead of it and it will be so interesting for me to come back to see how much the place has changed. 

❝A good chance to be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone

So with this being our final season as the company we are, of course, we need to go out with a bang and this last year has definitely been that way from day one. We have had such a busy season and still have a lot to go till we can raise a glass at the finish line. I can truly say I have loved my last season here with all my heart. I tried so much to focus on the positive that no matter how difficult, dramatic or stressful it got I haven’t really realised.

Members of Staatsballett Karlsruhe after the premiere of ‘Tannhauser’

My main goal was to enjoy performing as much as possible and try to believe in myself more. I have had so many opportunities to rise up to challenges but aimed to face them with positivity rather than fear. I have never felt stronger in my dancing and the will to improve is still going strong. I have met more of the fans and received so much kindness from them that it makes me so sad to leave them. I feel I am known here and people come to the ballet to watch me(!) and tell me how much they appreciate my dancing. This being the most encouraging bonus I could bring with me when I go.

I have soaked up the moments with my friends and colleagues, trying not to miss out on anything. And however sad I am about leaving here I am happy I can leave on top, feeling satisfied with this part of my life and content with all I have experienced here.

Change is always hard but I am happy to try new things and I think no matter how hard, it is always a good chance to be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons. Thank you, everyone, who made my happiness possible here, I hope I can leave a small mark on Karlsruhe for it has left a huge one on me. Thank you so so much.

Scan 137
Riding off into happiness as Kate in ‘Taming of the Shrew’ (Photo: Admill Kuyler)

Come visit me in Salzburg and I will keep you all informed of my new life in the Alpes.

With love,



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  1. Oh wow! Congratulations. I can’t wait to follow the next part of your adventure. We lived in 🇦🇹 Austria for two wonderful years. Denise and Charlotte (your Canadian supporters currently in NYC)

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