Ask Me Anything

Sharing a video answering ten questions about me and my ballerina life for an ‘Ask Me Anything’

The life of a Ballerina can be quite an interesting one and very different to any other lifestyle there is. As I love sharing with you what I get up to through my blog and social media, I wanted to do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ to answer some of the many questions people are often wondering about us dancers.

Performing one of my favourite roles ‘Juliet’ with Juliano Tuscano as my ‘Romeo’ (Photo: Admill Kuyler)

I got a great response through Instagram and some amazing questions, so much so I think I may have to turn this video into a series of videos to give as many answers as possible.

Thank you to everyone who asked me something, I loved answering them and it is also a great way to inspire me on things I should write about for the future. If anyone out there has a question for a ballerina please write to me and ask, I would be honoured to answer. 

Hope you enjoy the video and keep your eyes open for more.

With love,


6 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. Thank you kindly for answering our questions☺️ you did very Well pronouncing our named☺️☺️☺️you were a bit difficult to understand .. i think because you were in a big Hall🤔🤔🤔

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    1. Thank you, I know!! The sound is not good and I want to add subtitles but just not had the time 😣 Next one I will do better x


      1. Hi if my ballet school only have intermediate and advanced ballet no grades and I start now how long will it take my to go en pointe


      2. Hi there, mmm well that depends on a lot of factors. Am I correct in thinking you have never danced before? To begin pointe work you have to be very strong and well trained in order not to get injured. Depending on how much you train and how good the training is, will play a huge part on if and when you could try pointe work. Be wise and careful and if you want email me with more information and I could help you further. Good luck xx


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