Inspiration All Around Us

Where do you find your inspiration? I find my inspiration in you

We all need a little inspiration in life and we all find it in different places. It can come from the simplest of things, like a sunny morning helping you get out of bed or a good song brightening your mood. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere and I think one of the strongest inspirations we have out there can be each other. Humans inspiring humans.

Performing La Sylphide from the inspirational Peter Schaufuss

I wanted to touch on this topic because recently I have received a few messages and responses to my dancing and what I am writing about on here that have been so encouraging for me. Messages from people who I haven’t even met, and yet they kindly took the time to let me know that from watching me dance or reading my blog they have thoroughly enjoyed it and been inspired by it.

Hearing from these wonderful people not only encouraged me but reminded me I am in a position where I am inspiring people and the fact that it is through my job and I am uplifting people from doing the thing I love, is the greatest reward I could ask for. I get this from total strangers and I am so lucky that my occupation exposes me to such compliments. Unfortunately, not many people have that exposure, but this shouldn’t make a difference and we should all take the time to tell someone they did well and we appreciate their efforts, it can honestly inspire them to do more. This is the effect that it had on me.

It is an endless circle. We can all inspire each other

Just to hear positive feedback on something you work hard on can be refreshing and rejuvenating. I don’t think people are exposed enough to positive thoughts, especially at work, a place where we are constantly trying to improve the product and even though it may be constructive criticism, we often hear much more about the bad than the good. It is the same in dance, so when I get a message or an audience member approaches me with kind words after a show, it is the most inspiring thing for me to keep going.

Through my experience in dance, I see how easy it is to forget why we are stepping on stage, why we are working for hours perfecting our movements for a performance, and we shouldn’t. I find myself focusing too much on what could go wrong or if I am good enough rather than the inspiring response I receive from the public, who are, of course, the whole reason why I am doing it. And when I think of doing it for them I do it much better anyway. 

A dedicated picture to a young girl whose message inspired me to dance for her

I end up inspiring people with my performances or posts, who then contact me to say I have done just that, which then inspires me to do more, which can then inspire more people, and so on. It is an endless circle. We can all inspire each other. And when I see not only me bringing inspiration to others but people giving it back to me it is so much easier to remember the positive and I want to thank them for that. We are able to find inspiration in dance through many things but encouragement from the people you are performing for is by far the greatest.

So thank you once again to anyone who has ever taken the time to say, or send me a kind word. You truly put a spring in my step and inspired me to dance for you even more.

With love,


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