The Spinning World of Dance

Dance can take people half way across the world to share their talents with new colleagues and audiences, giving us the chance to connect with people we would never know other wise

The world is a small place. But the dance world is even smaller. And you wouldn’t believe how international every school or company is around the world. I have had friends from everywhere and there is a huge chance that they know people I have met in school or in other companies. And there is even a bigger chance they are from a different country and are now living in a different country to that due to dance.

IMG_6554 (1)
Faces from all over the world together on one stage

In my experience alone – I have shared a room with a Norwegian girl and became friends with a bunch of Australians during my school time. When I started working I joined the company with an American, Israeli and Austrian. I created life long friendships with a Korean, French and a Belgian. I have shared a dressing room with a Spaniard, Czech, and many Japanese girls. I have partnered Brazilians, Chinese, Armenians and Italians. I have worked with teachers and choreographers from too many places to remember and the list goes on of international friends, co-workers and associates I have met because of my chosen profession.

❝We are able to form very close bonds to people we would never have met if it weren’t for dance

Through this world that dancers create, not only do we get the great chance to meet different people from all over the world but it keeps it all very interesting getting to know their different cultures and showing them your own. We are able to share different ways of life with a huge mix of personalities. And because we work so closely with each other we are able to form very close bonds with people we would never have met if it weren’t for dance.

Surrounded by friends: Veronica Villar (Spanish ballet mistress), Larissa Mota (Brazilian dancer now in Salzburg) & Sujung Lim (Korean dancer now in Zurich)

During dancer’s careers, it is very normal for us to move around a lot – to new companies or schools, so we are meeting new people all the time and it could also mean we cross paths again with old friends at different stages in our lives. Unfortunately, due to the same reason, there are periods when I can’t see close friends because of the distance we put between us for work, but this also offers great catch up sessions and a chance to visit them where ever they may be at one given time.

Visiting one of my great dancer friends Rebecca Lyons while she was working in Portugal

Dancers do give up a lot to follow their chosen career path and we miss out on a large amount of the ‘normal’ stuff due to dance. Moving to a foreign country (especially at a young age) can be very scary and intimidating but from meeting new people in my life I see that we have all done it and all survived it. A dancer should never be alone when it comes to stepping into a new studio, as we have all been there, and been brave enough to take that new step in life. And the majority of us have bonded over that.

Dance allows so many different paths to cross and this is one thing I can honestly say helps make up for what we miss out on. I have met people from totally different backgrounds to mine and they have shown me different ways to be, which I can learn from. The boundaries in the dance world are very blurred and I think we all benefit from it, so I ask myself if maybe the rest of the world could learn a little from our little spinning planet.

With love,


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