Dancing into the New Season with the School of Russian Ballet

With my summer holidays coming to an end, I had a lovely opportunity to finish it off on a dancing high. In a small studio, along with some young aspiring ballerinas and a wonderful teacher, I was back to ballet training and ready to work.

During the previous summer I spent a week here with my parents and manage to find a small dance school called The School of Russian Ballet, where they were nice enough to let me join in some classes. I was there once again this summer sharing the studio with the girls and their teacher, Regina Zarhina.

Regina danced professionally herself for many years and following that has taught all over the world. She has great knowledge of dance in many aspects and is not just a respected dance critic but also a sought after dance teacher. After finding this out, I knew I was in for a real treat.

With two of the full time dancers

The classes were great. As expected. And even thought the syllabus is focused on students (as it should be) and very different to my usual class in the company, it was great for me to get back to basics and really work on things that are easily forgotten as you progress and get older. To be reminded of the simple things is always beneficial in any profession.

From talking to some of the dancers I learnt that most of them are from America or Russia and came here to train with Regina. These girls, with whom I danced with in the mornings are homed schooled, so that they can study around there dance timetable. In the evening the  classes are filled with younger girls who come after school.

Even though nothing can ever prepare you for the first ballet class after a break, no gym, no pilates, no swimming, with these classes I feel now I can go back to work with a great mind set and think about the things I was reminded about in their studio.

With the girls of the School of Russian Ballet and Regina their director and teacher

Russian Ballet

I would like to thank the girls and of course Regina for having me and I hope to see you again next summer for some more, much appreciated training.

Now it’s bath time for my aching muscles, and then packing, as it time for me to head back to Germany for my last day of summer.

With love,



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