Morning Sunshine Workout

Here is a speedy clip of my Spanish morning workout that has kept me going while on holiday. I combine different stretching and strengthening exercises: each one focusing on a different muscle or section of muscles.


Here is a list of some of the exercises I do in this video:

  • Head/shoulder rolls
  • Neck stretches
  • Spinal roll downs/spine twists
  • Ankle rolls/rolling through the feet
  • Calf stretches/hamstring stretches
  • Full roll ups (stomach exercise)
  • Sit up pulses/ sit up pulses with twist
  • Boat posture
  • Glut stretch/inner thigh stretch & strengthes
  • Table top-cat-cow poses
  • Push-ups-plank-hip dips
  • Upward dog-downward dog- puppy posture- thread the needle
  • Single knee twists- side plank thread the needle
  • Upper back extension
  • Inner thigh pulses
  • King prawn pose
  • Releves & tenues/ toe exercises
  • Retire balances

I like to mix it up and work different muscles on different days, depending on how I feel. However, everyday I will apply stomach and back exercises as it is so important to keep a strong core. Without it everything else doesn’t have the best chance to strengthen either. Once the core is strong everything else kind of falls into place. Turning will be easier, jumps will be bigger, legs will go higher, and a dancer will be able to think about the actual dancing and enjoy the movements more.

Like most dancers, or even most athletes, I am never satisfied and am always trying to achieve more strength. I still feel I am not there yet, but I think that feeling will never go away. It will only motivate and push me to keep improving.

With love,


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