Tanning, Toning, and Training

The last two weeks of summer

As you may have seen I am spending the last 2 weeks of my summer holiday in Spain with my wonderful family. Since it is such a rare occasion to have us all together for more than a weekend it is a much needed and lovely holiday for us all.

IMG_1283 (1)
The Mills family, Puerto Banus, 2016

As my summer break is ticking by quickly and the last weeks are upon me, it is now important for me to exercise every day to get my body work-ready. Like on all summer holidays it is very tempting to soak up the sun all day, but I know my body will thank me for doing some exercise before the season starts.

Luckily, I have my sister here and she is up for some pilates sessions on the terrace, where we work through a sequence of various exercises focused on stretching and toning. We are having fun doing it together and I enjoy guiding someone through my own routine. And to do it outside in the beautiful Spanish weather is definitely another bonus.

On top of this, each morning we are in the pool swimming lengths, which helps to get the body moving and works on stamina. I find swimming so beneficial because you use so many of your body’s muscles at once, making it a great workout. The fact that we only have one pair of goggles between us isn’t stop us.

Lively (12)

So while having a wonderful relaxing holiday with my favourite people, I have been able to keep exercising and working my body. It is always so easy to find an excuse not to exercise, whether it is part of your job or not. You just has to make the conscious decision to do it and I can guarantee that once you have, you will be so glad you did. And the next day it will be much easier to do it again.

Whilst I am here I am also able to join in some ballet classes with a dance school not far from my parents apartment but that will be a whole new post of its own. Watch this space.

With love,


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