Surprised by the Unsurprising


The Lake District, 2012

I am often asked about my diet as a dancer, which I can understand as most people think we are all so skinny because we don’t eat enough. But actually out of the number of dancers I know, we are pretty normal when it comes to food.

To do the amount of exercise required, a dancer has to keep their body fueled with the correct food and right amount of it. Yes, I do watch what I eat but more in the way that I want to get as much out of the ingredients as I can to make me a better athlete. Dancers are like any other athletes and we need power for rehearsals and even more so for performances, and that power comes from our food.

I have to admit that I love naughty food as much as the next girl but as long as I get enough fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbs I tend not to worry too much about the treats. Also, I must say, in the times I don’t keep a good diet I really feel the difference, and it doesn’t take long for me to be at the supermarket and cooking up a yummy nutritious recipe, or chomping on a piece of fruit.


Luckily one of my hobbies is cooking at home – and I love it for two reasons. First, I always know exactly what goes into the pan and second I appreciate sharing my prepared dishes with friends and family. And don’t get me started on baking. I could eat a homemade cake a week but the problem there is I also know what goes into those.

Enjoying some real English pub grub

So yes, dancers are skinny but we eat, it is just how we work our muscles in a way that strengthens yet lengthens them that causes us to be lean. With my motto ‘5 fruit and veg a day, keeps the doctor away’ I enjoy every bite.

With love,


5 thoughts on “Surprised by the Unsurprising

  1. Dear Harriet,
    I’m Tabea Süßmuth working as a freelancer for the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe moderating the introductions right before the ballet-performances. I’m doing this for about 3 years already and I’m loving this little job so much because of you guys-the dancers. I’ve never seen a company being that fit, beautiful and sympathetic like yours! Especially you, Harriet, are one of my favorites. To read your blog is a big present! Thank you for doing this, thanks for your energy and good thoughts you share here writing about your life as a ballerina (I danced ballet for 10 years when I was a child). Keep it up and let us readers be part of it 🙂
    Best wishes from sunny Karlsruhe


    1. Dear Tabea,

      That is so nice and touching what you wrote and I am so happy that someone is interested and appreciates my thoughts. I agree with you that our company is very unique in terms of the positive atmosphere, my fellow dancers, and the passion of everyone on and behind the stage. It is so good to know that we have people like you supporting us. With this blog I want to let people know, what it is really like to be dancer in such an extraordinary company. So I hope more people will read this blog to learn what the two of us already know 🙂

      With love,



  2. haha I think dancers get a lot of exercise through dancing and their muscles form that way as well so they tend to be lean. Dancing is suggested as exercise for many and especially for sick/weak people. It is fun activity for sure but you a ballet dancer its whole different level. Loved to know more about you. You have a wonderful blog.

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    1. Thank you for your message, I am glad you like the post. I agree that dance can be a wonderful activity for anyone, for exercise and for fun xxx I look forward to looking through your blog too xxx

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