Finding My Feet in Salzburg

Want to know how things are going here in Salzburg? Read about the new and wonderful time I am having with the Landestheater Salzburg

I have been part of the Landestheater Salzburg for almost two months now and am definitely on my way to feeling settled. The new routine is becoming my norm but still fresh enough to be interesting, and the people that now fill my days are all making life enjoyable and welcoming.

In our rehearsal studios in Salzburg

I feel cosy in my cute little apartment, filled with leftover furniture and comforting photos of friends and family. I am adapting to the very different timetable here where we work through rather than having a split working day. We begin at 10am with training followed by morning rehearsals till 14pm, a half-hour lunch break and continue with rehearsals until 5pm. When we start performing it will be a little different, but for now, I am really liking this way of working.

❝This is a big ballet to create so a lot of interesting work is going into this part of the process❞

Before I joined the company I admit I was a little worried about this change as I couldn’t imagine not having the long afternoon break I have grown comfortable too, but now I really appreciate having the evenings to relax and recover for the next day. Our bodies have so much more time to recuperate and it also gives us the feeling of a ‘normal life’; work is done at 5pm, time to enjoy dinner, meeting friends or an evening at home.

The city is beautiful and even though small there seems to be quite a lot going on. With my evenings now available, I have had the chance to experience a lot of it. And with the added bonus of friends already knowing the city, I can just tag along for a nice time. With the amazing mountains and lakes right on Salzburg’s doorstep, it is a real treat for an evening or weekend swim or hike.

Creating with Flavio in one of our studios

Our dance studios are great, with big windows and amazing views of those mountains. We actually rehearse in a separate location to the theatre, I guess due to the 1893 theatre building not being able to offer us big enough studios. So each morning (weather permitting) I bike along the river to get to the studios. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to dance on the stage here, as the ballet performances haven’t started yet but the theatre is two minutes from home, so very convenient for late-night shows.

❝Routine is comfortable and I look forward to getting even more comfortable in this one❞

So far my season has been all about creating new pieces and learning old ones. I am currently working with Falvio Salamanka on a pas de deux he is creating for us to perform at the Aids Gala here in November. It is so nice to be back with Flavio and already working so closely with him. As well as that we are all part of the up and coming premiere of Romeo & Juliet by Reginaldo Oliviera. This is a big ballet to create so a lot of interesting work is going into this part of the process and I have always loved Reginaldos way of creating; the drama and passion he manages to get across with his creations are always so powerful.

Performing as the title role in Reginaldo Oliviera’s ‘Anne Frank’ with Pablo Octavio back in Karlsruhe (Photo: Jochen Klenk)

The list of changes is pretty long but the biggest difference in my life has to be my weekends with my husband. As you may have read in my last post ‘Dating a Dancer’, my husband and I have paid our dues with a long-distance relationship for nine years so for us to have had every weekend free and together feels like a blessing. When Friday comes around I can not wait to get home (I call Munich my home as he is there) and have our uninterrupted days together.

You know when you first start dating someone and you do things all the time? Well, we are back in that phase again. Every weekend feels like a little vacation. And even though I am away during the week the short uncomplicated train ride home on Friday is nothing compared to the past situations we have found ourselves in. We even find it possible to travel during the week just to have an evening together. And even though we are not quite there with living together 100% of the time, this is bliss for now.

A sunny Saturday at Munich’s Octoberfest

So when comparing things I guess everything is so different from my ‘old life’. But all in all, I am still doing something I love every day and feeling so positive about this new phase in my life. As much as I loved my time in Karlsruhe, I think this move came at the perfect time and was a welcome change to my life. Routine is comfortable and I look forward to getting even more comfortable in this one.

With love,



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