A Day without Training is Like Walking Around without your Pants on!

As you can imagine with such a long summer break of 6 weeks it can be very easy to get out of shape. I have found that a good mixture of rest and movement can really help to recover, yet stay suppel and toned throughout holidays.

After a season I always feel my body does need a few weeks rest with no intense everyday exercise. It is very important to give the muscles and joints some time to recover from the long strenuous season it just went though.

However, I would not want to go back to work after 6 weeks of doing nothing because the season will start immediately with intense classes and rehearsals. It’s vital to keep exercising and prepare the body for that kind of work, otherwise it can lead to a lot of sore muscles and even injury.

For that reason, as well as doing a few ballet class, I like to stay fit in other ways such as walking, swimming, and particularly a routine of Yoga and Pilates. With a fifteen minute routine, it is a great way to get moving and my body always feels great afterwards. Wherever I am, whether that is England, Sweden or Spain I find the time and a little spot to enjoy a good stretch and work out of my own.Lively (1)

With this and the rest it can be just what the body needs to come back for the new season feeling refreshed and ready for the hard work ahead.

With love,


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