The Shining Light of the Stage

The spot lights are bright. Be brighter

As a performer, my main goal in life is to shine. Well, that is what I am supposed to do. It is what we are all told or tell ourselves whenever we are about to enter the spotlights of theย stage. Isn’t it? Be the brightest star.

But actually, it is not always that easy.


Other thoughts like to creep up on me causing me to doubt and question what I am about to do, question what I have worked onย for weeks. And even though I should know I am ready for my shining moment I don’t always feel ready. I question if I have rehearsed enough- did I spend enough time in the studio? The nerves build inside me throughout the day of the performance and I am sure I am not alone in experiencing pre-showย anxieties. It is these feelings that can dull our light on stage and prevent that bubbly feeling of dancing. Continue reading “The Shining Light of the Stage”