Exciting Opportunity to Teach Abroad/Home

I was asked by KNT Danceworks in Manchester if I wanted to teach a class while I am back in England and as it fits in with my summer plans there will be a ballet class this week on Thursday 18th.

It is always a great compliment to be asked to give a class, especially as I love to pass on my experience and knowledge of dance. In the past I have taught classes of young beginners, where as this time I will have the opportunity to advise a studio full of young adults who have a passion for ballet and really want to learn something. I think it will be a great experience for me, whether only one person or 50 people turn up, and if I can give these dancers anything I would want them to have a enjoyable class.

If anyone is close by and interested, come and join me and other ambitious dancers on Thursday. See you there!

With love,