The Shining Light of the Stage

The spot lights are bright. Be brighter

As a performer, my main goal in life is to shine. Well, that’s what I’m supposed to do. It is what we are all told or tell ourselves whenever we are about to enter the spotlights of the stage. Isn’t it? Be the brightest star.

But actually, it’s not always that easy.


Doubting thoughts like to creep up on me causing me to question what I am about to do, question what I have worked on for weeks. And even though I should know I am ready for my shining moment I don’t always feel ready. I question if I have rehearsed enough- did I spend enough time in the studio? Nerves build inside me throughout the day of the performance and I am sure I am not alone in experiencing pre-show anxieties. It is these feelings that can dull our light on stage and prevent that bubbly feeling of dancing.

As some of you may know, since last season I have been dealing with a foot injury which is frustratingly still giving me moments of pain, and there have still been times after performing when I have had to rip off my shoe to give my foot some relief. Thankfully the pain subsides and I can slowly get it moving again. Unfortunately, in some cases, I have had to resort to taking pain/anti-inflammatory tablets, which I hate to admit, to help get through shows. And even if I don’t experience too much discomfort I am constantly worried I will aggravate the foot and am therefore cautious, and who wants to be cautious when you are supposed to be dancing your heart out? So as you can imagine, I am often feeling nervous to be on stage, not able to concentrate on the dancing as the worry and pain become my main concern.

It was only recently while performing ‘The Nutcracker‘ during the company’s tour to Basel that I had a real shining moment that brought back the sparkly feelings of dancing on stage – I finally managed to dance pain-free and worry free. It was during the second performance when I realised I could relax and remembered what it was like to dance how I did before my injury and it has honestly been such a long time since I danced like that.


I just wanted to shine. I wanted everyone to look at me because I once again felt like me. I felt free to move and I was able to relax into it. My smile grew and grew while my heart filled with pure joy. It was amazing.

I hope this can be a step forward for my foot (literally) but as I can not guarantee that I most of all want to take this feeling into every dance I do because it is so easy to forget it and just worry about everything else that could happen. I don’t want worry to tarnish my performances, or anyone else’s. We all deserve a shining moment, in whatever way it may be and we shouldn’t let doubt or nerves override the happiness. Let the shine tarnish the worry and conceal the pain. Your heart will beat so fast if you do.

With love,


Header photograph by Jochen Klenk

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