Summer Time


Hey guys,

As I have started this blog a couple weeks into my summer holiday, it is the perfect time for you to see what dancers get up to whilst not working.

Bodensee, 2011

When another season is coming to an end we are always so excited for our 6 week holiday, as you can imagine. When working in a ballet company the dancers are given all their holidays at once, in a long summer break, just like in school (minus all those missed half turn breaks). We are sometimes lucky with a few days off around christmas and New Years, or even one or two long weekends, which is always much appreciated. But after working all season long we definitely need the well deserved break and usually a trip back home, where ever that may be.

I am lucky enough to not be too far away from home, but some dancers have to travel half way around the globe to see their family. I however sometimes mange to get home for a short weekend during the season and my parents like to make their way out to me for the Ballet Premiers twice a year.

When it comes to my summer break I like to share it between a few weeks at home and a few weeks traveling somewhere new with my husband, who by then is also in need of a break. He usually manages to get two weeks off work so I like to spend some time in the months before planning our trips, which have until now been pretty fantastic.

I also manage to fit in a holiday with some friends or family too. With only this one long holiday I tend to squeeze in as much as possible and it is always nice to see people I might have not seen all year.

The time spent at home in England with my family is alway special, I don’t get up to much but it is pretty perfect just to be there and spend some quality time with them. My husband also manages to visit for a few days, which is always great to have everyone together. A real treat for me.

The Mills Family


So all in all my summers are always full of many fun times with friends, and creating beautiful memories at home and in new places abroad. I will let you know what I get up to this summer as it will be another wonderful 6 weeks, I am sure.

With love,


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